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CSC SPV wants to create a strong network and generate revenue for VLEs through advertisements, business promotion, creatives and awareness, display of social and cultural activities etc. especially in rural India, through LED screens across its CSCs.

e-advertising project

CSC SPVs in their CSCs, especially in rural areas, marketing campaigns, politicaland through AED screen for awareness, social and cultural activities display etc. Viaan wants to generate a free network and common for VLE.

Digital display signage has two important selections of a space business network. or software.

Hardware / Digital Display Signage Screen (DDSS) –

Expenditure on hard cash as mentioned below The prices of VLEs as per specifications are also included. VRE choose any B one hard memory option could. The specifications of both the hardware are identical, except for BRAK/OEB/BRAND. Besides this, The selection of hard water does not affect the quantity of mangoes.


Vivaan buffery, Aam ki ki vasuru apart from software resilencing, subjective, sensible The amount to be earned for verification / upgradation and material processing will be at the cost of CSC.

Digital Display Signage Screen and Hardware Features and Cost

Option 1 – LG Option 2 – Aaztech Solutions
43″ Alra HD (4K) 43″ Alra HD (4K)
Mixer Grade Dist Mixer Grade Dist
Brightness: 500 cd/b2 Brightness: 500 cd/b2
Operation 24 x 7 Operation 24 x 7
8 Giphy Etiner Bhabhoy 8 Giphy Etiner Bhabhoy
Operating System – WebOS Operating System- – Android
BILT-in Wi-Pie BILT-in Wi-Pie
Fee – Rs. 49,500/+ 28% GST *= Rs.63,080/ Fee – Rs. 25,800/+ 18% GST*= Rs. 30,264/-

Bucket Price – 55,000/- + GST Bucket Price – 34,000/- + GST
Voyt – 3 essence Voyt – 3 essence
Establishment – Bhuft Establishment – Bhuft
* Category – SRI (For GST purposes) *Category – Screening + Installation + Everlasting Egg (Kvar
For GST purposes)

Income distribution between CSC and Vle

Ad-spot (marketing) means different costs to a customer as per the speed of the loan. They are thrown, however, to save from the difference, it is necessary for the VRE to heat up all the kilograms. To maximize the return for VLE in the initial project period, per ad-spot Bhah aam tam kakma gama hai. VLE for each description as per Table 2 and Table 3 The bounty will be raised.

Advertisement Sales and Earning Methods from DDSS

The marketing buffer will be started as soon as 3 minutes of 6 calls, each of which is of 30 seconds duration. Will be Gives a detailing slot of 30 seconds (1 spot) on a broad spectrum, of which 20 seconds per hour It is exhilarating. Promises 10 hours of performance per screen and per day to the brand and customers and accordingly the buffer will be calculated as per the requirement.

The VLE will be given a window of 13 hours only from 7 hrs. to 8 hrs. Will graze for 10 hours. Paid to a VRE for reimbursement of expenditure of 10 hours per day Will go If the helper only feeds for hours, then the buggana will be the same unsatisfactory.

income recovery cycle

As per industry standard, the detail is usually attained within 2 to 3 months. Harak, Crite Maa Broadband Tent Bagutan starts from the first day of the start of Prasayana. The same permissible CSC, VRE after Vasru Will give a share of mango.

Income for VLE

The VLE will usually be paid per expansion and will be based on the speed of the FAZY in the income. Rs.550 per month per expenditure for VLE based on all grades on persuasion and convergence Common Tama is done. CSC Bhav, fetching maximum marketing slots out of 6 marketing spots per annum and then in general VRE based on the number of punctuation spots thrown Will grow old. In the table below, the general display of ad-spot per screen for VRE is shown in the table below.

(VLE will be paid on the basis of per statement as per the recommendations in the table below)

No. of Advertisement (copy 30 seconds)
6) In the form of advertisement Ed 1 Ed 2 Ed 3 Ed 4 Ed 5 Ed 6
VLE Revenue / Screen /
Month Rupee. 550 Rupee. 550×2=
1100 Rs.550×3=
1650 Rs.550×4=
2200 Rupee. 550×5=
2750 Rs.550×6=

In addition, the number of ad-spots can be increased to 12 descriptions for good performance.
This can lead to a significant increase in VLE in mangoes.
Help If all 6 ad-spots are sent to Venmu respectively, then everyone will be blown up and
400 to VLE from 7th ad-snot to 12th ad-snot. Each ad-spot will be displayed.
Maximum 12 slots to be used in the marketing phase and to reduce the buffering capacity of the network
Tame has been done. The table below shows additional mangoes from 6 new locations.

CSC, Educational and Awareness Center and Patient’s Tent Active to CSC, Educational & Awareness Center without any unnecessary ad spots

Session of Billing (every 30 sec)
7 to 12 Ed 7 Ed 8 Ed 9 Ed 10 Ed 11 Ed 12
Additional VLE Yevenmu/
sreen / not Rupee. 400 Rupee. 400×2=
80 Rupee. 400×3=
1200 Rupee. 400×4=
1600 Rupee. 400×5=
2000 Rupee. 400×6=

Will graze in Bhafut and no money will be given to VLE for such center. to leave
Software disease can be shared with Rynotesh VRE.
** CSC will have the right to make any difference in all these items depending on the status of the Fajay.
The pass is right.

frequently asked questions

Q. 1 Who will set up the screen?
A. Screen will be replaced by VLE by OEM.
Q. 2 Is there any Ragat B Shalbhar in QA creation?
A. No. No additional chords are included for creation and distribution.
Q. 3 Can I use my screen and hard drive?
A. Yes. Help He sends you the necessary guidelines. (As Fatama is hot in Table-1)
Q. 4- Can I buy self screen from Bhainsthanim seller?
A. Yes. Help sends you with necessary guidelines. (As Fatama is hot in Table-1)

Q. 5 – Is there any option to pay in EMI?
A. Yes. 6 to 9 hours EMI from VLE HDPC banks on interest payment basis
Varakaln vara ron ray. Interested VLEs have to submit their details like NABH, EBHER
ID, Address, CSC ID and PIN will be sent to dikshant.malik@csc.gov.in.

Q. 6 – What is the screen size?
A. Grazing takes 1 ash hour. (As per manufacturer’s guidelines)
Q. 7- Require internet to feed your bills?
Data usage during transmission is very rare
All are required for content change and upgrade in case of data downroad
There is a frequency of one and two times of content change in the week
Data usage per month is up to 500 mph to 1 mph

Q. 8 How many hours will the screen take?
A. For Vidhan/e-Valan project, one branch will have to travel between just 7 hours to 8 hours for 13 hours.
10 hours of performance will be promised in World Endo. Harak will pay for 10 hrs per band
And in the end VLE will be paid for driving 10 hours instead of B’s. (With the help of Rich
Additional 3 hours for the pump in case the center is closed due to any other work like buffer cut
Yan tybh yakha gamma hai.)
If the help screen moves more than 10 hours per day then no extra money is paid km
Will go

Q. 9- What is the estimated cost of operation and consumption of the buffer?
A. The ratio is as follows – Hardwired consumes an average of 60 watts per hour
60 watts per hour X 10 hours of screen operation = 600 watts per day X 30 days = 18
last night
Buffer consumption per day – 0.6 minutes
Buffer consumption per hour – 18 minutes per month
Ragat per hour – Rs 100 to 150. ragbug

Q. 10 – Is there any additional hardware setup required?
A. No. All the relevant pennants are in-built so no external equipment is required.
Q.11 – Requires any software installation with Quam screen?
A. Required application will be installed automatically in the screen. by visiting your site
without any additional application or software installation program
Will go

Q. 12 – In the context of descriptions does Project Cuff start?
A. The project will be completed in a period of 1 to 3 months, and the Technical Integration Unit
Will go Common after the first 3 months of fraudulent debt and trading period
Will start coming
Q. 13 – How much VLE will be in one month?
A. The VRE will usually be paid per expansion and the rate of growth in income
Rs.550 per month per expenditure for VLE based on the recommendations of the
That’s common. The details are shown in the VRE general section of the table.

Q.14 – How can I use the screen in the hours after the doom for my own sake?
A. Yes. The screen is free to use after 10 hours (ie 13 hours of video audio) stipulated
And it will work as a common tera vision. However, VLEs are recommended that they
Don’t do any downroads. On b d2h services after the components of ddss new tayeh to dmtu
can graze.

Q 15 – Is there a weekly holiday for DDSS?
A. Yes. One day of weekly holiday
Will know
Q16 – How to fill the screen details?
A. The CSC will arrange the details on the screen after contacting various customers.

Q17 – What if the help screen works for less than 10 hours a day?
A. Charuyakhna for 10 hours a day on screen is mandatory. However, if the screen lasts from 10 hours to a few minutes
grazing, then the weight of the yash will be calculated proportionally. For example, in the help screen day
If K spends 5 hours, then the annual interest for that particular day will be 50%.

what to do what not to do

Do’s and Don’ts like this

What to do:

The DDSS has to be placed at the exact location of the CSC center
It should be known with the attention that it should be right in front of the eyes of the incoming wells.
Near the buzzer connection to DDSS to avoid fluctuation of any B voltage
Establishment should be made and there should be a supply of regular buzzer. of DDSS
It is recommended to have a boat socket nearby.
DDSS will be Charukkama for 7 hours and 13 hours of operation and 10 hours of Dtu
After that what will happen to the heart.

All photos and videos to be shared on WhatsApp via e-ver
With a snapshot of the meeting paper showing the direction of Dhyan Yeh Safatu.
Register a complaint in DDSS in the context of goodness and set up technical committee
Speakers of the meeting will be present. Contact date will be shared with VRE.
The report of DDSS should be clearly stated.

what not to do

In DDSS, don’t lose hard disk or memory will be lost.
Spending money on marketing campaigns is based on the coming date.
Do not switch the content tray source while dmtu
There should be no block in front of DDSS which will prevent the incoming details on the screen
be interrupted
No third party will be stored in DDSS

Enrollment process on e-advertisement portal

Step 1 – Login to the Portal given below
Step 2 – Log-in using VLE Majuynebha and Password and click on Sign-in
Step 3 – Click on Proceed
Step 4 – Select the desired hard disk space
Step 5 – Leave the required details and click on press order

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