eSarathi Driving License DL & eVahan Transport Services Live Through CSC


eSarathi & eVahan Transport Services Live Through CSC

दोस्तों आग़र आप एक CSC VLE है या एक आम नागरिक है आप सभी के लिए एक बहुत बड़ी गुड न्यूज़ है! अब आप सभी को अपने Driving License या Vahan Rc , Vehicles Transfer समेत Transport विभाग की लगभग 100 Services के लिए RTO Office के चक्कर लगने की ज़रूरत नहीं है! क्यूँकि CSC & Transport Department के समझौते के बाद के माध्यम से Transport विभाग की लगभग सभी सेवाओं को जनता तक पहचाने के लिए CSC center को Transport Services Facilitation Center के रूप में विकसित किया जा रहा है!

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csc Transport Portal को के माध्यम से Access किया जा सकता है!

csc transport portal login link

eVahan Services Available Through CSC Transport Portal

New Vehicle Registration, Renewal of Registration, Change of Address, Transfer of Ownership, Issue of NOC, Renewal of Temporary RC, Change of Name in RC, Cancellation of RC, Surrender of RC, RC Release, RC Particular, Vehicle Reassignment, Addition of Hypothecation, Continuation of Hypothecation, Termination of Hypothecation, Vehicle Conversion, Vehicles Alteration, Auction of Vehicles Number, Retention of Vehicle Number, Dealer Registration, Trade Certificate, Mobile Number Registration, Appointment Booking

eSarathi Services Available Through CSC Transport Portal

Apply for Learner License, Apply for New Driving License, Apply for Conductor DL, Learning DL Services, DL Services, Conductor DL Services, DL Extract, Update Mobile Number, Print Application Forms, DL Services Withdrawal, DL Services (Replace of DL / Others), Add Class of Vehicles to an Application, Appointment, Tutorial for LL Test, Application Status, Check Payment Status, Upload Document, Application Fee Payments

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