Digital Seva Portal Wallet Top-Up Through DigiPay


Digital Seva Portal Wallet Top-Up Through DigiPay

On government services provided through CSC Digital Seva Portal such as electricity bill or LIC premium payment, a commission of Rs.5 is available for each slip and Rs.15 per bill! And if this LIC installment is of Rs 20000 and you recharge Wallet with your Debit card / Credit card etc. So almost you get Transaction Charge from Rs.10 to Rs.100. Which is much more than the commission that CSC Vle gets. Therefore, while recharging your CSC Digital Seva Portal, use the Recharge Methods mentioned below. So that you can save a lot on each of your recharges.

  • Negligible Failure Rate
  • Wallet top-up without any convenience fees
  • Better utilization of DigiPay balance
  • Freedom from Bank queues to deposit cash in the bank account

Digital Seva Portal

Digital Seva Portal Wallet Topup Through Digipay All CSC VLE to use Digi pay to top up Wallet for digital sewa portal.

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