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Friends, if you are a CSC VLE and work through CSC but work in the services at your center! But through CSC Government Funded Projects or CSC Digital Seva Portal Services, sometimes they earn very well! But sometimes the income of your center becomes very less at once! CSC new service | CSC new services | CSC best service |csc new service 2023 | csc new service live | csc vle good news | csc best services 2023 |csc vle top income services

So in such a situation, today we are going to tell you about the best income service csc vle! By working within which you can comfortably earn a minimum regular income of 20-30 thousand rupees every month! And if you do better work, you can earn 50 thousand to 1 lakh a month! csc vle new services 2023 | csc best income services 2023 | csc best income service | CSC vle new service list 2023 | CSC New services 2023 |csc vle all certificate | csc latest services

CSC Best Earning Services 2023

Here I am Going to explain about best Earning CSC Services

CSC Education Services

Friends, if you are a CSC VLE and along with regular income through CSC, you get respect as a teacher on one side within CSC Education Services! Along with that you also get to connect with many such students! Who needs employment! So in such a situation, you want to create a strong team of 15-20 people near you! Which helps you in Ayushman Bharat, CSC eShram, CSC Survey Work etc!

And if you see, there are Top 5 or Top 10 VLEs in your district who earn good money from CSC! They all definitely work in the Education Sector! If you also want to make Accha paisa in CSC, then all of you must work in CSC Education Services through CSC!

CSC Insurance Services

Friends, if you are a CSC VLE and want to earn a regular income through CSC! So all of you must pass CSC RAP EXAM / CSC INS EXAM and work in CSC Insurance Services because every car or bike and any other vehicle running in the country has to run on the road! It is mandatory to have at least Third Party Vehicle Insurance, otherwise, Up Traffic Police Challan action is taken on such vehicles!

This insurance has to be done for every vehicle every year! And in such a situation, by making a list of all such customers, you can make a maximum insurance policy by calling before their insurance policy expires! You get a minimum income of Rs 100 on each insurance policy!

CSC E-District / State Services

Friends, if you are a CSC VLE and edistrict services are available in your state through CSC, then all of you can do the work of making your state’s Edistrict Services – Income, Cast, Domicile, Ration card, Birth Certificate etc! And the footfall of people for these services also increases! And by which the regular income increases!

CSC Digipay / Bank Bc

Friends, if you are a CSC VLE, ​​then all of you get access to CSC Digipay along with CSC ID, through which you can do the work of deposit withdrawal etc. from any bank account! And also the money for all government projects done through CSC is also given to you through CSC Digipay Wallet only!

And along with this, access to CSC Bank Bc Point etc. is also done on the basis of Transaction done inside CSC Digital Seva Portal and CSC Digipay! In these services where on one hand you definitely get money! Secondly, you also get a lot of respect and honor in the society!

CSC Aadhaar Update UCL Seva Kendra

As you all know, getting CSC Aadhaar Center in today’s date is a great honor in itself and a great source of income! People come to you from far and wide for Aadhaar correction! And many other services are also availed from your center itself! Due to which your income increases!

For CSC Aadhaar Center, it is necessary to have a proper transaction on your Digital Seva Portal & Digipay Wallet as well as CSC Bank Bc Portal! If you apply for CSC Aadhaar center without doing better transaction / business! So you have a lot of trouble getting approval!

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